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January 26, 2012

NMDOH in Crisis Reaches Out to NM Legislators

Today, during the lunch hour, a letter went out to all New Mexico state legislators and several news outlets. The purpose of the letter was to let everyone know about our website and  we are going no where until things improve at DOH.

Below is the letter:

Dear Legislators,

We are writing you once again for help about what is happening at the New Mexico Department of Health and to inform you about our new website, New Mexico Department of Health in Crisis, where we detail some of the atrocities that have happened and to give employees
an outlet to share their opinion without fear of retaliation from Cabinet Secretary Dr. Catherine Torres and her administration. shows employees they are not alone and their voice will be heard.  We vow to keep the website up until we see changes at DOH that are NOT only limited to the removal of Dr. Torres but improved basic human rights treatment of employees and adherence basic labor laws including some that were enacted by this very legislature.   We have
been getting inquires from local and national news organizations including The New York Times and CNN.  It seems a story about employees taking to the web against their employer in a very public
way garners a bit of national interest.  Who knows, maybe New Mexico will once again be in the national spotlight for the wrong reasons. has seen over 8,400 unique visitors since 1/20/12 when it came online.  We are dedicated to the well being of our fellow employees.  We are sick and tired of doing multiple jobs because of massive under-staffing caused my Dr. Torres and her administration's treatment of employees.  This has become such a pressing issue we have created a tip hotline for employees outside of the state system.  The Bullying, Abuse, Retaliation and Fraud (BARF) Tip Hotline is an
independently run resource to DOH employees.  They can call (505) 819-3501 to report any BARF that is going on at DOH. We keep everyone's anonymity and get the info to where it will do the most
good.  The BARF tip hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We, employees, love our work at DOH.  Our work matters.  We serve the great state of New Mexico and even her underserved populations.   We are proud of what we do and we do not want to see our department destroyed and New Mexico's citizens have their safety-net services pulled from under them.   The vacancy rate at DOH has sky rocketed in a department that general has very low attrition numbers.  Dedicated public servants are being forced out of their positions.

In March 2011, we were told by managers that anyone that who made disparaging remarks to the press about Secretary Torres or her policies, she would personally fire.  This has been confirmed across multiple divisions of DOH.  Torres expected all her division/program directors to control their employees.  Any wonder why employees are reluctant forward?

Interestingly enough, this edict goes against the Whistleblower Protection Act (HB 165 2010) and was signed by Gov. Bill Richardson. The Whistleblower Protection Act is violated constantly by those who work for Dr. Torres.   Diane Moore was a DOH employee who recently settled a lawsuit with DOH where the Whistleblower Protection Act was the main issue.  It is rumored that the settlement was a substantial figure.  Our state and DOH cannot afford to continue to make these settlement payments and we appear to be on track for future suits.

Patty Alsberge was a clerk specialist with the DOH Children’s Medical Services program. Patty had a spotless record with DOH. Alsberge left her job this past spring after claiming her superiors had retaliated against her. April, Alsberge rode passenger while her co-worker drove in a state vehicle and eventually parked their Nissan Altima near DOH offices.  The Altimas have push to start ignitions.  According to Alsberge, she and the driver locked the doors, mistakenly thinking the
car was turned off.  Many other DOH employees who have vehicles with push to start ignitions have difficulties ensuring the Altimas are off.  Punishing an employee who was a passenger  and was unaware the vehicle was still on is like a police officer writing a passenger a ticket when the driver is going 10 miles over the speed limit. Two weeks later, Alsberge was put on administrative leave. She wasn’t given a chance to tell her side of the story to her bosses. There is a process when employees are in trouble. Managers are suppose to sit down with employees and have a discussion.  That did not happen.

This one case is much more than an example of management gone wrong. It has become the template for some on how to discipline their employees.   Progressive discipline which is policy is not being

We wanted to inform all the legislators about our website and what is going on at the New Mexico Department of Health.  We have a responsibility to New Mexico and her citizen just you do.  We need your help so we all can do what is right for New Mexico  Please take the time to go to and read the posts and comments from DOH employees.

Thank you,

-Johnathan Publix
A Collaborative of DOH Employees

We also had quite a bit of activity as well on our site.

One poster wrote in to give us a heads up:

Anonymous                   Jan 26, 2012 08:28 AM
Latest news is that she has heard about this website and is wanting DoIT to check who has received the link via work email and what actions they took i.e. forwarded to home email, opened it at work, etc. Guess she's taking names and planning on kicking butt. Didn't Hitler do the same thing?

This goes to show everyone Torres and her Circle of Trash are now paranoid and know they are holding by the thinnest of threads.  If you haven't read through the comments left recently it is certainly worth the time. Go ahead and leave as many comments as you like.  We are having a conversation here and anyone can join.

Have any tips or useful information? Email us

Been mistreated by Cabinet Secretary Dr. Catherine Torres and her clan?

Tell a legislator.  Contact info for all legislators is contained in the two pdf files below. You are protected by the Whistleblower Protection Act.

House of Representatives contact info here.
Senate contact info here.


  1. Health Worker1/27/12, 8:38 AM

    Smooth move sending the legislature this information. I myself have talked to my legislators and they claim that they have heard rumblings of this situation at the Roundhouse. Now, let's see if they have the Cajones to do anything for us. Remember, it is a re-election year.

    1. The problems at DOH aren't just in Santa Fe, they are state wide. Most of the region directors weren't hired because they have the credentials, they were hired so they could be controlled. The people who run DOH in Santa Fe are afraid to FIX a problem because they would and the staff would be out of "work".

      If you think our legislators are going to do anything to change the way DOH operates your out of your mind. Our legislators don't look at anything other than their pockets.

      I'm a former employee of DOH and left because I couldn't get promoted or even get a raise but I had to cover multipal counties. It's a shame that employees working out in the counties with over 20 years experience leave due to management people in the Regions and Santa Fe being afraid of questions being asked because of the mismanagement of programs.

  2. We will continue the fight.

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. -Edmund Burke

  3. Good idea to keep the issue in their face. Politicians only act when it is in their self-interest. Few really care about those the represent. Maybe we could get them jobs at DOH... like Undercover Boss.

  4. Glass half full1/27/12, 11:09 AM

    Call me crazy but...I checked the Gov's homepage hoping to see an announcement for Torres' resignation. Not yet.

    1. Resignation, bullsh*t, the bully should be fired.

    2. Too bad we don't burn witches anymore.

  5. Just Voters1/27/12, 1:31 PM

    if we arrange something on the legislative social calendar (breakfast, lunch or dinner) then we could get their support.

  6. Posting from restroom stall:

    Talked with my representative. They are all aware and have no patience for Torres. He wasn't able to talk about what they may have planned.

  7. Pissed Observer1/27/12, 10:19 PM

    So crappy what they did to Odette! Sweetest person in the world. They are heartless bastards and I hope they rot in hell. Odette we love you, hang in there.

  8. Odette is one of the nicest, kindest and most gentile souls you will ever come across at DOH. She would do anything for anyone and is one of the most selfless people you will find.

    Odette was relocated to another division from Cabinet Secretary Torres' office. Ugh! Relocated is the nice way of saying it. The manner it was done was abhorrent! Out of the blue, Odette was rousted from her desk and her personal items were packed for her and taken to her new desk in DDSD. She was not helped. It was more like an eviction. I have seen people who were terminated and escorted out of the building treated with more compassion and dignity. Correction: I have seen shoplifters arrested and led away in handcuffs at Wal-Mart treated with more compassion and dignity. The issue here is not the fact that Odette was re-purposed. That is a shame. The crime here is how she was treated. You cannot treat people like that and get away with it!

    It is acts like these is why this website exists. If we weren't treated like this, we wouldn't need a website. We all see what is happening. We have to look out for each other. Everyone needs to be treated with respect and tact. This behavior is unacceptable, unconscionable and inexcusable.

    Odette you are a part of the DOH family and we need you. Stay strong!

    1. Not Surprised1/28/12, 10:31 AM

      Probably, best for Odette. She will no longer be subject to Torres' daily abuse. She obviously is intimidated by attractive women subordinates. Just look at the Circle of Trash she values them by them by the pound. Torres brought Kevin back, maybe she will do better with a male assistant. If not she can draft another reluctant victim to suffer her psychotic abuse.

    2. Im confused!!! I seriously think stuff like this is bullshit....however this happened to ppl when Richardson was in office...Nice ppl sexually harrassed and sent to different places and given hush letters! So Looking from outside in the Bastards are only getting worse...Its Like swimming with the sharks and trying hard not to get eaten by the selfishness they carry and the power they think they have! I dont know you Odette but if your anything like me May God walk with you in this time You will definitely need him by yourside everyday you are there, until you find something new!!!

  9. I finally figured out that Dr. Torres is trying to run the Dept of Health, the state's largest agency, like a one-doctor private practice. She redesigned a perfectly good logo to suit her fancy costing time and money to replace the old one, wants to personally review every single patient education pamphlet used in the whole DOH, wants to read every single provider agreement herself, even when they number a thousand, asked to have the cables in the IT computer server room color coordinated, wants her staff to declutter their work spaces by removing their houseplants,forbade flex time for her staff so that they no longer can pick up children at school, attend contining education classes, or commute by railrunner, and she promises to hunt down anyone in the DOH who leaks any of this outside of the DOH.

  10. SUSANA PAY ATTENTION3/23/12, 6:00 PM

    Susana, Why don't you just send Sec. of Health the thank you for not getting re-elected. Today she marched into HR and yelled at several dedicated good employees in regards to the work schedules that DOH employees have. There are some people that work form 7:30-4:30 and then there are some approved FMLA people as well. Today she went in with her abusive demeanor accusing them of being the leak to the media. Little does she know how close the leak is.. not HR. Susana you seem like an educated, nice person. You need to recognize that DOH is the biggest dept. in the state. Their vote will impact you. The nonsense of security guards and escorts thru the building and still the abuse at work needs to stop. What more do you need to know? Maybe your personal friends but if that's the case educate her on bedside manner. You need to so something about this it's curcial and a reflection of you.

  11. Pathology of abuse3/23/12, 6:32 PM

    Torres is telling people that the website has cooled off because she has the support of the employees. The fact is that the truth being told on the website motivated her to keep her behaviors in check. The second she thought that perception of her improved she began her normal, abusive behaviors. It is the classic cycle of abuse. It is truly pathological.

  12. Health Worker3/23/12, 9:07 PM

    Catherine Torres, the comment from "Susana Pay Attention" makes a lot of sense. We were sent an e-mail from HR asking our individual sections about our staffs as well as managers times. Sounds like you are a bit paranoid there. As far as folks on FMLA, do you know what your employees personal health issues or their loved ones issues are? It's none of your damn business. Do exempts get FMLA, say like if their mom gets cancer or something. You and that fat "Cow Baca" better start realizing that employees have real life issues as well as employee rights. So keep on being a bully so you can soon be paid visits by really good attorneys. My sentence at DOH is coming to an end soon, and believe me, when it does, I will be giving the press a real insiders perspective of how Health is running under your guidance whether you are still employed there or not. Take that to the bank. Oh, by the way, congratulations, the young lady that used to work in the NMED Secretary's office and is now employed by Governor Susana at the front desk was telling me that DOH is the number 1 most complained about agency in the State. Keep up the good work girl :))

  13. Let's see, they don't want people in too early, but yet they sure like to wait until 10-15 minutes to 5:00 to bring in last minute tasks. How courteous. Then they convieniently forget to tell the employee staying late to put in for comp time. People are expected to live their lives for the Department like they do. Remember that we are not getting the same compensation as these exempt, selfish Managers. At least have the courtesy to call or e-mail the next day to say Thank You for staying late and don't forget to put your comp time in SHARE. Respect is a two way street.

    1. Why is it that certain people in ASD who take the train can come in at 7:30 am, which I can tell you right now they don't report into work exactly at 7:30 am they get dropped off at 7:30 am but by the time they walk to the office it's probably around 7:40 am, and then they work till 5:15 pm, but then they get to leave every other Friday because they claim that the state owes them time so ASD let's them leave early every other Friday but others are told they need to be at work at their sceduled time and need to leave at their sceduled time.........Why is it that these 2 employees in ASD get treated like that when everyone else has to go by the rules. This is just not fair. I think this is favortism and it needs to stop in the work place. I'm not going to mention these 2 employee names because they know who they are and I believe some of you already know the first initial is "B" and the other is "I". Take a guess who these might be!

  14. It appears that no one has posted any new activities on this website since 3/30/12; I can assure you that in-house harrasment and retaliation by protected supervisors against their subordinate staff is still happening and hasn't stopped.I discovered another lawsuit that was filed almost 2 years ago in the 2nd Judicial District Court against DOH and a supervisor in Albuquerque. It is incredible that DOH allows their managers to treat their employees with so much disrespect.The managers act as if they own the company and are superior to all. This is very sad to see and hear that our State Health Agency is not a very healthy place to work!!


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