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February 15, 2012

Cabinet Secretary Catherine Torres Hones Her Micromanaging Skills with PHD Directive

We were flooded with calls today to the BARF Tip Hotline and received many emails about our Dear Leader's most recent directive.  PHD employees received emails from supervisors today at the beginning of business today

What’s happening at DOH today?  What’s not happening at DOH today?

The major effort at DOH today, tomorrow and the foreseeable future is not on patient care or customer service.  Cabinet Secretary Doctor Catherine Torres has directed that ALL patient education materials that that do not have the new DOH logo and her approval to be pulled ASAP.  So the DOH cannot distribute any patient education materials until further notice.  This is A  LOT of material.  It is A  LOT of material that patients and citizens need.  It includes massive amounts of materials that are both federally published and mandated for distribution which also includes info on the USDA WIC program. As it stands now, some  PHD offices cannot even provide documents advising patients of their rights.  Despite the vague directive, most PHD offices still provide medication info sheets, Vaccine Info Sheets and HIPAA info against the wishes of Torres' current instruction.     Makes you wonder if voter registration forms were pulled from offices since Torres did not approve those.

What caused this broad brush reaction?  It is rumored that a PHD office still had embarrassingly out of date materials.  One incident! Seems like a bit of an overreaction.  Now Dr. Torres must review and  approve all materials going forward.  Who suffers?  The people of New Mexico.
DOH staff have been directed to stop what they are doing and pull out boxes and boxes of materials they have on hand and in storage.   But wait, they will still see and treat patients.  That’s big of Cabinet Secretary Doctor Torres to allow staff to see and treat patients.  But wait again, looks like DOH staff have yet another job to do.  Who ultimately suffers?  Again, the citizens of New Mexico.  DOH Nation rises up against this travesty.

See emails sent to staff today:

From: Wienbar, Margy, DOH
Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 8:16 AM
Subject: PLEASE READ: Educational Materials
A directive has come from the Governor’s office that ANY client education materials that do not have the new DOH logo need to be removed from distribution immediately. 

I know this creates a huge burden in the offices,  but please organize yourselves to remove these materials ASAP.  We will have more information on how to go about getting approvals for use of materials.  This does include materials furnished by CDC and any other agency or entity. 

Let me know if you have questions.

Margy Wienbar, MS, Director
Public Health Regions 1 & 3
New Mexico Department of Health
1111 Stanford Dr., NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Office: 505. 841.4110
Fax:  505.841.4147

From: Gallaher, Maggi, DOH
Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 7:05 PM
To: DOH-PHD Leadership Team; DOH-DNS
Cc: Torres, Catherine, DOH; Barabe, Aimee, DOH
Subject: Brochures and other materials

An incident today brought to light that there are outdated materials
in PHD offices.  We need to assure that all brochures, pamphlets and
any other informational materials that are available to DOH clients
are reviewed and approved and have the current DOH logo on them.

By the end Wednesday, February 15, I need all bureaus, regions and
local offices to remove from client areas all informational materials
that have not been reviewed and approved by the Secretary's office.
Those that are approved should all have the current DOH logo on them.
If there is not a current DOH logo on the material, remove it.

Any materials that have not been reviewed and approved that
staff/programs would like to continue using should be submitted to the
Director's office for review and approval before they are made
available to clients.  All materials approved under prior
administrations need to be approved by the current administration.  We
will develop a process to review these materials quickly.

By the end of this week, all offices in PHD also need to scour
closets, storage areas, etc to gather any and all outdated brochures,
pamphlets or other educational materials that may have been used in
the past or that have a prior DOH logo.  These should be put in a
secure place until we give further direction on what is to be done
with those materials.

I thank you for your assistance in addressing this issue quickly.


Maggi Gallaher, MD, MPH
Medical Director
Acting Division Director
Public Health Division
1190 St. Francis Drive, Suite S-1050
P.O. Box 26110
Santa Fe, NM  87502-6110

Office phone (505) 827-0975
Cell phone    (505) 629-5306
Fax              (505) 827-2329


  1. What a waste of resources! This is a crime.

  2. Catherine Torres is the bane of state government. She is not respected by DOH staff, other cabinet secretaries, or anyone in the community. She makes a mockery of herself and our Department on a daily basis. This is another example of her lack of any kind of management or administrative skills.

  3. Who makes decisions like these? Would have been nice to hand out info on STDs to the the kid with a VD scare. Couldn't give out info on the WIC program. We are failing the people. Time for Torres to go!

    1. open minded and honest with my kids2/18/12, 4:18 PM

      seriosuly as a parent I would rather they scare my child with THE TRUTH that is out there about all the STD's than to pretend it is not out there and be in denial. Cudos to which ever clinic sent the brocher or pamphlet home with this kid.

  4. Still Trying2/16/12, 10:18 AM

    Another bad decision made by the Secretary with little or no leadership experience. When will Gov. Martinez end this miserable and intolerable farce.

  5. Hubert Farnsworth2/16/12, 10:28 AM

    I do not know a state or government agency where the Cabinet Secretary exclusivley approves materials for distribution.

    I doubt President Obama approves every item that goes out form the US gov't from tax forms to literature on how to prevent forest fires and nor does Susana.

    Torres makes it seem like DOH has no decision makers besides her. Strangely enough, DOH got by for decades with a minimal amount of anything being approved by the Cabinet Secretary. She forgets that appointees come and go but the employees are the one constant at DOH and the one asset she fails to take advantage with their years of experience.

    1. Mr. Farnsworth,

      You hit the nail right on the head. Torres doesn't think anyone but herself and the circle of trash can do anything. That is why even her division/program directors detest working for her. Can you say "micromanager?"

    2. Hubert Farnsworth2/16/12, 2:08 PM

      Dilbert is great!

  6. Please keep in mind that the point here isn't really about to logo but control.

    Others have mentioned privately that this may be about ideology and the materials' contents not being in harmony. So far we have not seen any evidence that the materials do not coincide with the administration's conservative ideology but I wouldn't rule it out. It was my first thought when I found out about this.

    If any one has proof of this being an issue, let us know or email. Thanks.

  7. They are not happy about the email showing up on this blog. Keep up the excellent work.

    1. Keep sending them in and we will put them up!

  8. A Salute to DOH Nation2/16/12, 5:36 PM

    Excellent work DOH Nation! You have held tough and said no to bullying by a tyrant and her trolls. What you have done should serve as a cautionary tale to any other bosses and appointees that threaten their employees basic freedoms and well being. I suggest that the media exposé this valiant and noble effort. Good luck to you all. I hope you can right this wrong and prove that there is good in this world or at least in the current administration. JP et al, you rock!

    1. Message to Queen Catherine and her Court2/16/12, 6:43 PM

      We are mad as hell and aren't taking it any more.

  9. System Failure2/17/12, 9:37 AM

    It is time to bring them all down, DOH Nation. Once you mess with the safety net services, you get to feel the wrath. All PHD people want to do is take care of the public. Now we have to serve the people with one arm tied behind our backs?!?!

    Think again! Catherine, start looking to for a job because it will be a long search because no one will want to hire you after this debacle. When employers google you, they will find this site.

    Via con dios, bitch!

    1. The situation is obvious to all who care.

  10. Disrespected2/17/12, 8:38 PM

    I think it is safe to say that Catherine Torres does not enjoy the trust or loyalty of the DOH staff. She has had a year to earn it but chose to belittle and disrespect everyone she encountered. She needs to pack her bag and fly out of town on the broom she came in on. It is over.

  11. Logo, smogo Crazy Cathy must gogo!

  12. When dr. torres posted to twitter a warning about the bubonic plague....was she referring to herself? Read her twitter below? I just wonder if she was warning NM about her black soul? Read below??

    Dr. Catherine Torres Warns New Mexico Residents of Bubonic Plague #blackdeath #bubonicplague
    3:03 PM - 9 May 11via web · Embed this TweetReply
    Retweet Follow Vitals@VitalsCom

    1. It sure feels like the plague has struck DOH. A good movie title would be "The Year of the Soulless Zombies."

  13. Yes it did in deed. The BLACK BUBONIC TORRES PLAGUE has struck the DOH nation and it keeps spreading fast. The only true cure for this plague is in the hands of
    Susana Martinez, but then again she might be infected already! Oh boy we are all doomed!

  14. KRQE 13 is doing a story Tuesday at 10:00PM: "Is the state supplying porn to teens?" Think this might be it.

  15. Micromanagment = Bad management. Any Cabinet level secretary has more important things to do with her time. That is why there is clinical and managerial staff to do all the other stuff. And the DOH has plenty of competent staff that should be allowed to do their jobs! See the posting on another page on this website about Dr. Torres treating the DOH as a one-doc private practice

  16. This really blows my mind. So KRQE is doing a story about the state supplying porn, SERIOUSLY what is wrong with todays society? First of all, my guess is that this teen was at the clinic getting an STD check of some sort. So why is the parent trying to blame the clinic? Why is this parent so mad? If anything, this mother should be mad at herself for not teaching this child about the birds and the bees? This must be a parent who is trying to make easy money? Hell this parent acts like her child is so innocent? This is why there is an alarming high rate of teen pregnacies, drop outs, drug users, teens in jail..etc..because of parents as this one. TIME TO OPEN YOUR EYES AND SMELL THE COFFEE AND STOP BEING IN SUCH DENIAL....YOU MUST BE BUDDIES WITH DR. TORRES....what a good way to distract the real issue of her abuse, by putting the focus on a pamphlet that was given to a "TEEN" seriously how convenient!

  17. This woman, Dr. Torres, sounds like a real whack-job! Control freak! Possibly even Borderline Personality Disorder!! uh-hum... UNBELIEVABLE! Wake up Governor Martinez!!

  18. The mental ill have a place in our society. That place is not at the head of the NMDOH. Hint, hint, Gov.


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