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February 29, 2012

Security Outside Cabinet Secretary Dr. Catherine Torres' Office

DOH Morale and our fearless captain (click to enlarge)
In a recent development Dr. Catherine Torres now has a private security guard stationed outside her office on the fourth floor of the Runnels Building.  No, it's not Jim Green.  Jim continues his important hall monitor duties.  Perhaps, we can all chip in some money and we can get him a nice sash. The security guard seems to be from the same company that provides security for the Runnels Building.  The additional security appears to be a waste of taxpayer money. 

We received phone calls, emails and even comment about the new security.

Here's a comment we received about Dr. Torres' newly paid for friend:
Just the truth   Feb 29, 2012 07:55 PM
"NM Department of Health's Cabinet Secretary Cather...":

"The latest going on in the Runnels Building is the fact that there is now a Security guard from the private company the State employs stationed by the vending machines that are close to the DOH Secretary's office on the 4th floor. How much is that costing the tax payer? Is the Bitch that paranoid that someone is out to get her? She already has little Kevin drinking the Kool-Aid, how sad he used to be good people. Green still has that "I'm taking a dump" in my pants look on his face and Vette is still an overpaid flunky that spends his days looking for something to do. ..."

Who or what is Dr. Torres afraid of?  Perhaps she is preparing for an uprising?   Maybe she asked Gov. Martinez for the use of the National Guard and was turned down.   Dr. Torres must have took notice of the recent uprisings against dictatorships in the Middle East and Africa and thought there was a parallel.  It's posible a secret police force could be on the horizon.   Torres must be expecting a New Mexican Spring.

Of course talks of secret police and a New Mexican Spring is completely absurd but what is the real reason for this newest demonstration of paranoia?

As always share your idea and comments below.


  1. Viva le Resistance!

  2. It is a waste of tax dollars I hear that she isn't even in the office she is back home. So why the security guard?

    1. Wishful thinking3/1/12, 8:09 AM

      Are we sure the guard isn't there to apprehend and transport her to NMBHI?

  3. The cartoon exemplifies why DOH Nation calls her Crazy Cathy. Her motto is "they are coming to take me away, oh my." Governor Martinez please take her away.

  4. Save the ship3/1/12, 5:42 PM

    Lol the cartoon is so spot in. Crazy Cathy will accidentally fall into a lifeboat while USS DOH sinks. Discussing but undoubtedly true. Don't give up hope, DOH Nation. Save the ship, lose the captain!

  5. I never go to the 4th floor if I can help it. I feel physically sick the closer I get to the OOS. Feel the same about HR and Contracts. I have sprinkled Holy Water outside the entrances on the 3rd floor. My priest told me to pray for them. I pray for them to leave. Ivy, you need to go to confession!

    1. No, Ivy needs to retire we are sick of her saying no girlfriend, girlfriend this, girlfriend that, girlfriend, girlfriend. Shut the f..k up already.

  6. This cartoon is a real hoot. It would probably be funnier if it were not so true. Now I am depressed.

  7. Just the truth3/3/12, 8:36 AM

    Paranoia will destroy you. Secretary Dumbass wants a proxi card reader lock installed on her office door. This will cost a good amount to do. She is going to put Bin Laden's compound to shame. All previous Secretary's have always had an open door policy, maybe because they weren't such a-holes? Maybe we can get the Navy Seals to drive her out once she locks herself in there. She would look like a little wild boar running down the hall, lol. Hell if we had her and the "Circle of Trash" running down the halls it would look like a Habanera stampede, yikes!!

  8. Sad but true3/3/12, 9:01 AM

    The running of the bulls down the Runnels hallway would probably be at least 3.5 magnitude quake. We will feel after shocks for days!!

  9. Crazy Cathy3/3/12, 9:06 AM

    Please make the voices stop! I need the protection because....

    They're coming to take me away, HA HA
    They're coming to take me away, HO HO HEE HEE HA HA
    To the funny farm
    Where life is beautiful all the time
    And I'll be happy to see
    Those nice, young men
    In their clean, white coats
    And they're coming to take me away, Ha-haaa!

  10. Johnathan,

    This site is driving Torres and her management team absolutely insane. Keep it up!

  11. May Justice Prevail3/6/12, 9:34 PM

    As an old timer, when all is said and done, these fools will just be a bad footnote in the annals of DOH history. They will join other pieces of crap in the DOH Hall of Shame which includes such lumanaries like Sandra Haug, little Gary Giron, Albino Martinez, thanks for the Mora/Vegas tramps, Joanne "Vieja Cagada" Marquez, the one and only "Scarecrow" Duffy Rodriguez, Golden Boy Mike Mulligan, and the all time Queen of Shame Bernice Gonzales. They have hurt good people to get ahead, but when you hear their stories or look at court records Karma has kicked them in the ass multiple times. Albino, don't hunt or fish without a license or kick the old ladies ass, try a man. Was all this worth a few dollars losers? Green and Torres will definitely be top 5 when all is said and done. Congratulations!! When the dust settles and people speak of these individuals all they'll be remembered for is being a bunch of evil assholes. The Good people and the good employees of DOH will prevail. Keep driving Torres and her morons Crazy and post your feelings. Long live!!!!

  12. Safety First3/22/12, 6:01 PM

    Interesting that there is a security guard there now, but when some employees were receiving credible threats the Secretary not only did not take them seriously, but put those employees into potentially more dangerous situations. Someone needs to get and post the security evaluation that was done in the early 2000's that outlines the security deficits in the building.
    Shame on the Secretary for putting her own "safety" before employees who are at much greater risk and who are actually serving the citizens of the state.

  13. That would be her own imagined safety. There have been no threats that we are privy to against Torres. The guard is there to placate her psychological issues.

  14. Safety First3/22/12, 7:02 PM

    oh, I completely agree with you, annoyed. I just think it's negligent that she ignores actual documentation and real concerns on security issues when they are for other people. Even when they are brought to her by multiple people and experts.

  15. Sec Torres is using the newly created Medical Cannabis Appropriation to pay for her personal security guard. What is up with that? Can you spell "Misappropriation?"


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