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May 22, 2012

Cabinet Secretary Dr. Catherine Torres is a Liar

File Photo:  Left to Right, Dr. Catherine Torres and Jim Green
 When Dr. Erin Bouquin resigned as Chief Medical Officer at the New Mexico Department of Health, " she was told she wasn't meeting the governor's expectations, and that was why she had to resign."

Fast forward to today's KOAT interview with Governor Susana Martinez about Dr. Bouquin's dismissal/resignation.   When Martinez was asked about Bouquin not meeting her expectations Susana replied, "I have no clue what she is referring to, because the only discussion I knew about was after the fact, after the interview," Link to KOAT story.

So what did we learn here?  Nothing DOH employees didn't know already.  Catherine Torres cannot be trusted.  Torres lacks ethics and morals.  She believes that the ends justify the means. DOH is headed down a very scary path.  It is clear that Torres resides in the ninth level of hell and Satan has taken her as his mistress.

DOH Nation, we can no longer remain quiet. Now is not the time to sit on your hands.  Be vocal with letters to the governor, legislators, the press or even here on the site. Enough is enough.  We know there are a few smoking guns out there. It is time to come forward.  There are videos out there that show the world what kind of person Torres is. Get them to me and I will get them out there to the world.  Make this website your sunshine portal.  We will expose Catherin Torres' treachery.   This is your call to arms.  Let your voice be heard by any means even if you do remain anonymous.

Go ahead and make you comments below. Don't forget our email address As always anonymity is assured.

Fight on DOH Nation!

 Update: Joey Peters of the Santa Fe Reporter wrote an article about DOH which also gave a shout out to our website.  Read the story here.  Feel free to leave anonymous comments on his story.  A few months ago editor Alexa Schirtzinger confirmed that comments can be left anonymously on the SFR website and we tested it and agree.  Comment away on the SFreporter and here with no fear.


  1. Oh I am anonymous5/22/12, 9:05 PM

    Big condoms, medium condoms, little condoms, blue condoms, red condoms, yellow condoms... there I said it. Now fire me Crazy Cathy!

  2. Ding Ding Ding Ding!5/22/12, 11:53 PM

    Best picture and caption! You Johnathan have won the internet! Congrats

  3. I added a link to a SFReporter article. See above.

  4. This is great! Maybe, now that Crazy Cathy is no longer meeting the Governor's expectations, Susana will allow Torres to resign.

    1. The problem is Cathy is meeting the Governor's expectations.

    2. I think Torres is doing what Martinez is directing her to do. I bet Martinez is playing her like a puppet. When it finally blows, Martinez will bug her eyes & deny she knew about any of it.

  5. i can't stop laughing at the picture and the post. great work! also read the sfr article. i think four square has it right when they said jonathan is the mayor of the runnels building. he has a power at the runnels that torres and he staff will always deny. he posts something and torres and her people always react to it. i wonder what hoops they will jump through today in their hunt for jonathan! perhaps they may just take away internet away from all employees. their reactions to everything on this site is always so disproportional to what is happening. torres' solution to fix her issues stemming from this website is like giving a lung transplant to a patient to treat mild asthma.

    I hope we can go back to helping New Mexicans soon and close this dark chapter in DoH history. even hitler's reign came to an end.

    keep it up jp!

  6. SANTA FE (AP) — A longtime state health official has been tapped to oversee job safety in Wyoming.

    New Mexico state epidemiologist C. Mack Sewell told the Santa Fe New Mexican on Monday that has accepted a position analyzing occupational deaths in Cheyenne, Wyo.

    Sewell will serve as an occupational epidemiologist, advising the state as they try to figure out the causes for the high workplace fatality rate.

    Sewell has been involved in several high-profile cases in his 28 years at the state Department of Health. Sewell was one of a team of specialists in 1993 which was able to identify a new form of the hantavirus in New Mexico.

    His last day at the health department is June 15. Officials have not yet named a replacement.



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