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November 28, 2012

News Flash: Duffy Rodriguez Resigns

I want to put this up real quick and will write some up later.  Duffy cites family as her reason for resigning which may suggest the resignation is not voluntary. 

Read here.

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  1. Is the circle coming apart?? Is this a sign of hope??

  2. Is it just me, or is "to spend more time with family" code for "resigning in lieu of termination and public humiliation"?

  3. Talk about an early Christmas gift. This restores my faith in Karma. Duffy was supposed to be invulnerable. This sounds like an involuntary resignation to me. Did Torres statement not use the same excuse of family? What is to become of her wayward children Bernice and Mully? Hopefully they will be the next to resign. Can you think of a better trifecta? They'll always have the memories of when they did whatever they wanted to do to whomever they wanted to do it to, when Duffy was in charge at Health. Ain't Karma a Bitch!!

  4. When Duffy left DOH in 2010 her excuse was she wanted to spend more time with the family. 3 months later she was the Secretary for Tax and Rev. Looks like she continues the pattern of pissing in her Wheaties. I agree this departure was not voluntary.

  5. Duffy was in this administration because Keith Gardner was a good friend. I wonder if he was the one that broke the news to her that she had to resign? Did he call her nasty names like he did, when he talked about Tim Jennings. If so, she talks the same to people so it wouldn't phase her. Good ridence.

  6. Good PR Brad. We got the e-mail today that we are transitioning back to the old logo. Brings back bad memories of Duffy. Taking people back to the past does not erase the mistakes of the present.

  7. Not to worry, she took a job as Chief of staff in the office of the president at UNM for a nice $10-$12k/month. Smh.


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