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August 12, 2013

New Mexico Department of Health Loses ANOTHER Whistleblower Case

Last week the New Mexico Department of Health was dealt a second blow in its long string of Whistleblower cases against it.    Former employee Jennifer Smith was awarded in excess of $165,000.

1 comment:

  1. It's a damn shame that we as taxpayers have to pay for the wrongful actions of Stupid Supervisors. Yet, these same Supervisors are still retained by this moronic Department. I tried to be an honest and responsible Supervisor and make sure my employees were properly classified, my Supervisors did not care because they were making large salaries and my guys were the lowest on the totem pole. SPO said differently. All I can say is that come the trial for Robert Ortiz, Mike Mulligan and Duffy Rodriguez will be exposed for the crooked people that they are. Both had a love for JFK with the pictures they had in their offices. I think he is the biggest farce of a President next to George Bush Jr. Just like I think that Mulligan and Duffy were the biggest jokes for bosses that I had the misfortune of working for. Two words for the both of them, "SUCK IT".


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